Common Electrical Hazards You Should Know

It is quite easy to tape up a defective wire and think that it would work perfectly again. Maybe it will, but there are high chances that the same wire will become faulty again and it can lead to a short circuit and even a fire in the house. You never know when electrical hazards can happen because there are lots of things that are around you that can cause these outbreaks. So, here are some of the most electrical hazards that can take place in your house or at the workplace and you should be aware of them to avoid an accident:

1. Electrical outlets close to the water unit

This is common for both homes and offices. There should not be any electrical outlet close to a water source. Be it a plug point or a switch or anything, you should strictly avoid the installation of any electrical outlet in the kitchen or in the bathroom. Water is a good conductor of electricity and you have no idea when the water can reach that outlet and create a massacre.

2. Improper grounding

If your office has a lot of electrical gadgets working together like ACs, computers, inverters, and many such items, then make sure that there is proper grounding for everything. There have been cases where people have been electrocuted because there was no grounding of the electrical units. Another reason why grounding is so important is that it allows all the units to be safe when there is a fluctuation in the voltage. You will find that there is a metallic ground pin that controls the voltage. Do not remove that pin because it can nullify the grounding totally.

3. Pouring water when there is a fire due to short circuit

Short circuits can happen when you don’t have a good fuse installed in the house or at the office. If you are using an old fuse, it may not be able to control the flow of electricity and as a result, there can be sparks that lead to a fire. Most family members will be scared to go near the area of a short circuit but there should be a standing instruction for everyone �” no one should pour water into that water to make sure that it comes under control. Pouring water into a fire that has been caused due to the short circuit can only aggravate the situation. Ideally, you should use a fire extinguisher for such cases or call the professionals to handle the fire.

4. Keeping defective wiring unattended

As mentioned above, defective wiring can be taped up temporarily but they have to be changed as soon as possible. Most of the electrical hazards are caused because of poor wiring. It leads to an improper flow of electricity. This is one of the most common electrical hazards that can pose a big threat to you and your family.

It is always better to be safe than sorry. You shouldn’t take any chances with electrical units because the hazards that follow can be uncontrollable.

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