Electrician Salary Guide

In determining the right electrician salary, you need to learn about the job description and other information on this job. Money does matter especially in this economic crisis, but in order to get to that, you must know how to get to that point. So aside from the salary capacity of a job, you must have the interest and the passion to pursue the career of an electrician.

To start with you must know what the general job of an electrician is. An electrician works on electrical wiring in buildings, stationary machines, and other equipment. Attaining this job requires that skill of being able to decipher the electrical system of anything involving it. This is a specialized job that demands the person to enjoy tinkering with electrical wires and systems for most of the career life.

The basic electrician salary is somehow in the low bracket in terms of the average national income. But with this noble work that sometimes is overlooked by many when not needed, somehow the income is second to the job satisfaction that they get. Starting annual electrician salary is $32,000 while the average annual income for most electricians is around $48,000. It is not really a bad income when you have a passion for this kind of electric circuitry.

For those more with experience and wider knowledge in this profession, a seasoned electrician can earn as much as $80,000 per annum of electrician salary. This is because there is a wide room for growth in this profession. More so for those who gear up to become a master electrician.

The educational requirement of an electrician is to finish an apprenticeship program available at many technical colleges. But to be able to qualify for such program, the candidate must be at least eighteen years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent. He is also given a test prior to enrolling in the said program.

During the apprenticeship program, it is not just about the electrical theory, blueprint reading, mathematics and understanding of the safety practices and code requirements that are learned but a lot of hands-on training. Electrical students basically learn from master electricians or journeyman the various tool and equipment used in this industry.

It usually takes about three to four years to complete best patek philippe replica the program and be able to handle the different tools of the trade without supervision. For most, it is like an on the job training already while still at a technical school.

Most know that working in this industry is dangerous and hazardous. That is why there is an emphasis on being very good at handling the hand tools and other electrical equipment, as well as the knowledge of the safety codes and requirements. This goes hand in hand with being an electrician from the entry level to the master level.

The electrician salary can also be influenced by how dangerous or hazardous a job can be. So those that are more exposed to higher voltage electrical systems like in the electrical companies tend to have high paying electrician salary.

Electricians can work part-time to full-time positions depending on the employer, while some that do have their private practice tend to be on-call for their services especially in smaller buildings or the residential areas. Electricians have a wide scope in terms of finding work, so anyone who wants to go into this career will surely have several clients in the making.